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Features of auto halogen bulb

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As we all know,Auto halogen bulb are simply older-style incandescent lights -- the ones that use a filament to produce light -- with a more efficient twist in the form of halogen gas. It is still an incandescent bulb, like the kind of light Edison invented, at its heart. In order to help you know more about Auto halogen bulb,we will introduce you its features.

Auto halogen bulb

The first,the dimensions and quality of the finished products can be maintained consistent due to the advanced automatic H9 production line.
The second,the cap is coated with a layer of shading material and the coating is not easy to scratch, thus ensuring that the unnecessary light can be blocked.
The third,auto halogen bulb is made of anti-UV quartz, it can protect people and the environment from the ultraviolet it emits.
Last but not least,this bulb serves as the light source in the car headlight for low beam lighting. Also, it can be used in a fog light. And it has a long service life.

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