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Why is the automotive halogen headlamp bulb so popular

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Automotive halogen headlamp bulb is composed of an adjustable headband, a universal joint, a lamp cap, a wire, a transformer and a power plug. The lamp head is composed of a lamp sleeve, a lamp holder and a cold-light halogen lamp, and has the characteristics of a lamp mirror. The spot is concentrated, the brightness is high, the power consumption is small, the structure is simple, the cost is low, and the illumination angle can be adjusted in all directions.

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This kind of automotive halogen headlamp bulb began to be applied to the car body. It started in the 70s. Its light-emitting principle is very similar to that of ordinary incandescent lamp, that is, the heat generated by the spiral tungsten wire in the lamp is heated, and the intensity of its light is affected by the melting point of the tungsten wire itself. limit. In general, to increase the brightness of a halogen lamp, not only the resistance of the tungsten wire but also the melting point of the tungsten wire must be increased. The tungsten filament of the automotive halogen headlamp bulb is larger in brightness than the latter because it has a higher melting point than the ordinary incandescent lamp. More people like halogen lamps as headlights for their cars.

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